Interesting facts about Afghanistan

* A unique national Game : Buzkashi” is Afghanistan’s national game. Players in two teams try to catch a goat while riding a horse. 
*Largest Producer of Opium:Opium is the largest & fastest growing produce in Afghanistan. Between 80 and 90 percent of the heroin sold in Europe comes from opium grown in Afghanistan.
Meal in Afghanistan is incomplete with no ‘naan,’ which is flat, unleavened bread.
*Kandahar was the first Capital City of Afghanistan. Later Kabul became the Capital City.
*There are two “KFC” restaurants in Kabul, Afghanistan. But for Afghans, KFC doesn’t mean Kentucky Fried Chicken; it is Kabul Fried Chicken.
*Wierd Weekends: Afghanistan is predominantly Islamic.  For this reason, Friday is a holy day and most shops and many offices are closed.  Even government establishments may close on Thursdays.
*Afghani is  actually the country’s currency. The people of Afghanistan are known as Afghans.
*The new year in Afghanistan is celebrated on March 21, which is the first day of spring
*In the Afghan city of Herat, Thursday nights are poetry nights, where men, women, and children gather to recite and listen to poetry.
*Afghans drive on the right side of the road.
*The Hindu Kush is the tallest mountain in the country, and it measures in at over 18,000 feet.